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Bioessence is one of the leader in the beauty and health industry, Started out as a 3-bed clinic in Davao in 1994, now has 35 branches nationwide. Includes subsidiaries as Facialhaus with expertise on skin care, Serenity Spa for spas and relaxation massage services, and now Slimzone which focuses on slimming and weight-reducing massages.

  • Celluwave - high-frequency vibrating wave detoxification process that speeds up metabolism and improves blood circulation.

  • Faradic - spot reduction mechanical treatment and passive form of exercise which is equivalent to 150 sit-ups.

  • S.W.E.A.T. - Sea-Weed Enzyme Activation Treatment that triggers metabolism and speeds up inch loss from your body. Also has a radiant effect on the skin as it smoothes its texture making it supple and glowing.

  • Thermoshape - stimulates deep bio-heat for increased metabolism and helps burn calories for inch loss.

  • Therma-slim - detoxification treatment using infrared capsule to remove excess body fluids and toxins.

  • Infra-Ems - healing treatment in one uses infrared and jade stones to sooth pain and detoxify body.

  • Alphahydrofusion - very relaxing treatment using mud mask for inch loss and leaves skin smoother.

  • Massages - Circulation/Swedish/Shiatsu/Flexibility - an exotic soothing masage with emphasis on stretching and includes rythmic pressing of the entire body./Stretching/Back/Foot Reflex/Lymphatic Drainage - removes toxins and boost immune system./Slimming massage designed to break down bulges and cellulite for more inch loss/unlimited massage./Turkish Bath Sauna.

    All products of Bioessence group of companies including Multi-Act and Skin Farm.

    Slimzone offers free nutritional counselling. We have in-house expert nutritionists/dieticians to help clients achieve their ideal body weight thru corrective eating plan and personally designed to meet optimum nutritional status.

    Health & Wellness
    Rosemarie L. Andres - Branch Operations Manager
    Marilou Gaspar - Nutritionist
    Evelyn Hapin - Front Desk Consultant

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